“Without a conscious parent, there can be no conscious parenting.  Ultimately…the deeper cause of family dysfunction is not the parents’ lack of knowledge or education but their lack of awareness”

Parenting is not a set of skills or rules to follow, it is a relationship, the first relationship our children form with the world they are born into and the blueprint that they base all future relationships on.
ability to learn, grown and change

The success of this relationship is based on our awareness of it and our ability to learn, grow and change as our children do, it is not static or perfect and it will test us, frustrate us and bring us equal moments of joy and pain. Being emotionally as well as physically present for all of this will teach our children whether they are loveable exactly as they are, even as we set boundaries around their behaviour, or whether they will need to change who they are in order to find love and belonging in the world.

Our experiences as children help shape us into the adults we are now, my role is to guide you into greater awareness of the parent you are and the children and adolescents you are raising. Mindfulness gives us the tools to learn these skills of awareness without judgement or criticism and instead with patience, kindness, curiosity and wisdom. We will explore together the relationship you want to have with your children and how to create that. I will provide you with insight into your current family dynamics and teach you how to build both your self-awareness and awareness of your children, why certain behaviours occur, how to respond to challenges differently and how to maintain all of this throughout your parenting years.

“Finally some parenting classes that treat our children as little human beings rather than little terrors to be tamed or subdued!"


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