“Throw away the idea that you have to be fully healed to be in a loving relationship with a great partner. We normally come together with many unresolved issues because healing simply takes time. The couples who shine with harmony are the ones who commit to healing and growing together”

Yung Pueblo

Our patterns of behaviour in family relationships usually accompany us into our romantic relationships and play out in the way we interact, love each other, respond to conflict and whether we are able to repair or not when difficulties arise. Becoming conscious of our relational patterns, understanding both ourselves and our partner, as well as learning new ways to interact and respond is key to all successful couples.
time and care to understand

I will support you on this journey using evidence based approaches that allow you to grow both individually and as a couple – allowing you to choose your own path forward – whether that is together or separately.

I also support couples who have already chosen to separate and want to do this in a loving, kind way for themselves and any children they may have . Teaching you how to co-parent is an area that I specialise in and I can do this whether you live close together or even in different countries.

Thankyou for helping us to learn how to love each other again and meet our own needs as well as each others through simple daily practices that gave us a foundation to build on even when we found ourselves in conflict"

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